We recently crossed a bridge in managing WordPress client sites. It had become apparent that managing client sites, from a hosting perspective, was becoming much too time consuming to manage. Because our diversity in client requests for hosting was all over the map, we had gone down a path of matching service levels of various hosting companies with WordPress site on a case by case basis. We could never really pin down a hosting server that met all our needs across all clients.

What we really needed was a hosting partner, a service that understood what it was like to clone, develop, stage and deploy production changes and all the associated perils and pitfalls of managing many WordPress sites. We found that partner in Flywheel.

We started small, migrating a couple sites to the Flywheel platform for evaluation using the 14-day trial. The easy-to-use management application made this entire process painless. After we realized how much we could scale using Flywheel, the included SSL security, the staging and cloning management, it was pretty much a full throttle decision for going “all in” on the Flywheel hosting platform.

Needless to say, we’ve never looked back since. Fully migrated, we’ve never been happier. Countless hours of WordPress plugin and updates management are gone. We literally collapsed our commitment to server side operations by 90% by offloading all of that work to Flywheel’s dedicated and knowledgeable staff.

Unbelievable speeds

Performance & Scaling

All new WordPress sites hosted on Flywheel are powered by Google’s Cloud Platform, and even those sites currently on Flywheel may be moved to the GCP by Flywheel support by request. Either way, Flywheel’s hosting, regardless of the service level plan, is blazing fast. Built-in caching specifically designed for WordPress sites help by automatically tuning page loads across all sites.

Even if you migrate a single site to their smallest service level plan, you’re already in a great spot since it is incredibly easy to adjust your plan on the fly directly form the Flywheel app. This makes Flywheel a great companion as your site traffic and business grows.

We’ve been thoroughly impressed with Flywheel thus far. The quick, automatic, site migrations have executed flawlessly. It really helps to have hosting partner that acts more like an on-site network and infrastructure team at your fingertips.

If you’re in the market a new hosting company for one or many WordPress sites, give them a try. They offer a 14-day trial to experience their service, and with the quick migration, it doesn’t take long to be up & running on a clone for evaluation.